Welcome to Stege Camping

Welcome to our small campsite, located right in the heart of Stege.

Stege camping is a small cozy campsite in the middle of Stege town, just a few minutes walk from the town square. The site is located by the city ramparts, green areas, playground, and 500m to the ocean. An excellent starting point if you want to explore Møn's other attractions. The campsite has 25 camping / tent sites and 4 cabins for rent. We have a small kitchen that has everything you need to cook.

We have a large lounge with the possibility of games and play.

There is also the opportunity to shower on the campsite.


In the 2020 season, Stege Camping has a new camp manager.

Brian Arnsfeldt Hansen

Brian is in the process of giving the place a loving hand. All buildings are under renovation and we are very much looking forward to presenting a greatly improved camp for the spring of 2021.

Brian lives on the pitch most of the season, making it easy for you to get in touch with the camp manager.